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We are one stop solution for health and nutrition needs

We are one stop answer for wellbeing and nourishment needs

Great nourishment is critical to remaining great. It is additionally a significant piece of treating or overseeing ailments, for example, diabetes, coronary illness, stomach related problems, corpulence and hypertension. Post Medical care’s Sustenance Administrations gives exhaustive nourishment counsel administrations to patients of any age in both the long term and walking (short term) settings.

Who do we help?

Nourishment Administrations regards sound people as well as those being seen for intense or persistent sicknesses or conditions. Our program is for any individual who has concerns and inquiries regarding their eating regimen, feedings, food sources, development and improvement, unique weight control plans and smart dieting.

What do we offer?

Our program offers a multidisciplinary group approach, with staff experienced in an assortment of profoundly concentrated demonstrative and treatment regions.

Registered dietitians can assist with:

Arranging and creating smart dieting rule

Proposals on tube feedings

Release sustenance guidance

Sustenance instruction

Follow-up care for long haul nourishing requirements

Conference to patients

Arranging and creating good dieting rule

Proposals on tube feedings

Release sustenance guidance

Sustenance training

Follow-up care for long haul wholesome requirements

Interview to patients

Individual Nourishment Guiding

Enlisted dietitians are accessible for private conference to help the two grown-ups and youngsters with good dieting, living with dietary limitations and making customized dietary projects. A reference from your primary care physician is required for protection inclusion.

Healthy Eating Programs

Whether you need to level up those shopping skills for your family at the supermarket or find a way to a better eating routine, Post Medical care offers sustenance programs among the numerous wellbeing and health classes presented over time.

The Caloric Balance Equation

Weight the board is about balance — adjusting the quantity of calories you consume with the quantity of calories your body uses or “consumes off.”

Caloric equilibrium resembles a scale. To stay in balance and keep up with your body weight, the calories ate (from food varieties) should be adjusted by the calories utilized (in ordinary body capabilities, everyday exercises, and exercise).

To free weight it takes roughly 3,500 calories underneath your calorie needs to lose a pound of muscle to fat ratio. To lose around 1 to 2 pounds each week, you’ll have to diminish your caloric admission by 500 — 1000 calories each day.